About Maria

My work reflects the different stages of my life

I completed my secondary education and University years in Canada, where in 1995 I graduated with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon with a B.F.A. in painting and Art History.  I now work in the South of Spain, where I live with my lovely family.

My paintings are usually figurative narratives that tell the story of a woman going about her regular day somewhere in contemporary Western culture. I mix my own history with fantasy. I combine humour, social commentary and beauty to attract an audience that becomes a participant in the installations I create with my painting series.

About my art

My paintings are colourful and exaggerated images, where most likely a woman is going about her regular day, somewhere in contemporary Western culture. My reference is based on history, memory and fantasy and present it in combination with humour, beauty and concept. The idea is to express my inner thoughts while trying to attract an audience that can relate to what they see.


Interview with Maria – 

femenino plural

I have always painted in my spare time, in the margins of the book at school, in painting classes, on the walls of the street, in my clothes, in the clothes of others, everywhere and everywhere.

I finished my Fine Arts degree in 1995 with the intention of doing a postgraduate in architecture. Between one thing and another, going through the branches of life, I never sent the request and I have kept painting here and there until today.

I'm sociable!

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